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With Upcoming Second Spanish Conference, Intelligent Design’s European Footprint Grows

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You may remember the story of how the first European Conference on Intelligent Design (TDI Europe) was chased out of two universities in Portugal only to find refuge in León, Spain. Paul Nelson, who was there and traveled with the refugees (what else to call them?), told about his experiences in an article at Evolution News. 

Now it’s time for the second TDI congress, to be held September 13 and 14, 2019. This time they are playing it safe and meeting in the hospitable León, Spain, to begin with. More information is here and here. You can email them at, or call on +34 644591728.

Among the scientific luminaries on hand at the Teatro San Francisco, Discovery Institute’s Brian Miller will join the delightful Brazilian chemist Marcos Eberlin, along with Antonio Martinez, Felipe Aizpún, and Alejandro Garcia, all of Spain. The event’s sponsors include the Center for Science & Culture and Discovery Institute’s affiliated research center at Mackenzie Presbyterian University in São Paulo. 

Notably, this comes on the heels of the “Teleology in Nature” conference in Austria, organized by the Center for BioComplexity and Teleology in Nature, headed by paleontologist Günter Bechly and microbiologist Siegfried Scherer. And I can’t resist pointing out, as well, the recent video conversations released from Florence, Italy, with the Hoover Institution’s Peter Robinson, Yale’s David Gelernter, and Discovery Institute’s Stephen Meyer and David Berlinski.

For more on the fate of the first TDI Europe meeting, see “Email Correspondence with University Dean Reveals Stonewalling Behind Latest Anti-ID Censorship.” As Darwin apostate David Gelernter puts it, at U.S. universities, “You take your life in your hands to challenge [Darwinism] intellectually.” European friends have indicated that the situation there is a little more relaxed, though not by much. Certainly in Brazil it is. This leaves aside China, surprisingly tolerant of doubts about Darwin, and the rest of Asia.

In any event, intelligent design’s footprints in Europe and Latin America are growing, and there’s more to come that I’m not free just yet to communicate. All in good time.

Photo credit: León, Spain, by Ben Bender [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.