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Deep Suicide Nihilism in Switzerland

A new suicide clinic is advertising its dark services in Switzerland — with “native English speaking” staff to ensure that suicide tourists attend.

I will not name the clinic, but it does not take health into account when determining “eligibility.” From its web page:

[Name deleted] believes that it is the human right of every rational adult of sound mind, regardless of state of health, to choose the manner and timing of their death.

The new clinic wants to get people dead faster and more efficiently:

The aims and objectives of [name deleted] include:

  • to cut some of the red tape (in terms of the way paperwork is handled)
  • to minimise waiting time (allowing for urgent situations to be accepted in a matter of weeks not months)
  • to offer a service that has English as its first language (cutting the risk of things being lost in translation)

The cost?

As with the other Swiss VAD [voluntary assisted death] services, a VAD at [name deleted] costs around €10,000. This includes all the paperwork, the consultations, the VAD appointment (inc the drugs), cremation and the couriering of one’s ashes home again. Please note this is a cost estimate only.

Given the nihilism of our times, that could put a lot of money in the clinic’s coffers and into its staffs’ wallets.

Just what the world needs, another suicide clinic. Jack Kevorkian was ahead of his time. In the end, access to such death-on-demand suicide/euthanasia facilitation is precisely what the euthanasia/assisted suicide seeks to ultimately attain.

Photo: The Matterhorn, Switzerland, by Zacharie Grossen [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons.

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