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Here Is Something Scarier Than a Halloween Mask

John G. West


The hit YouTube series Science Uprising features a host wearing a creepy mask fit for Halloween. The mask is undeniably a bit scary. But here’s something scarier: The dehumanizing worldview of materialism the mask represents. 

Falsely claiming support from science, materialism depicts humans as little more than animals. It denies that humans have free will. It denies the possibility of God or the immaterial. And its supporters often punish those who dissent, forcing them to hide their real views behind a mask so they won’t be censored, blacklisted, or discriminated against. 

Even more frightening is the grim reality that many young people today never have the opportunity to hear a reasoned response to materialism.

Fast-Paced, Top-Notch Production

Science Uprising was designed to address that problem. Produced by the non-profit Discovery Institute, the series takes on materialist claims about the origin of the universe, the origin of life, and the reality of our minds. The series features fast-pacing and top-notch production values. It was created by a team of young professionals in the broadcast and cable television industry. 

Science Uprising has been wildly popular, attracting more than 1.2 million views thus far on YouTube and Facebook. 

Will you help us reach millions more? We’d like to extend the impact of Science Uprising by producing a second season to debut in fall 2020. But the writing, production, and promotion of each episode costs between $25,000 and $50,000. We need to raise these funds before we can go into production. You can become one of our producers for the second season by providing financial support at

“I Will Be Quiet No Longer”

Here are just some of the comments we’ve received from viewers of the first season:

  • “These are FIRE! Thanks for making them.”
  • “This video got me so pumped… It’s like a trailer for a movie almost.”
  • “I love these videos.”
  • “More of these please.” 
  • “I will be quiet no longer.”
  • “Hope my college profs are watching!”
  • “This is the best video I have ever ever ever found on this matter. This summarizes all the debates, conferences, etc. in 7:14 minutes… I can share this with anyone and they will be able to understand this!!!!”

It isn’t often you have the opportunity to influence millions. This is one of those special times. If you are concerned about the stranglehold of materialism on our culture, and want become part of the solution, join with us to produce a second season of Science Uprising. Donate now! We can’t start production on the second season without your help.