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A Gift for Your Family: Dallas Conference, January 25, Offers an Inoculation Against “Scientists Say”

Dallas Science & Faith Conference
Dallas Science & Faith Conference

“Scientists say”: Those two words guarantee a hearing, often a slavish one. That’s why clever writers of media headlines use them and other variants, over and over, whether the subject is benign — “Fluffy dinosaurs used to live at the South Pole, scientists say” (CNN) — or not so benign — “Earth Needs Fewer People to Beat the Climate Crisis, Scientists Say” (Bloomberg).

On fluffy dinosaurs, thinning the human herd to save the planet, and just about anything else you can think of where ordinary people feel out of their depth, scientists form a secular priesthood. Their word is taken as gospel. What happens, though, when highly touted “scientific” conclusions are shaped not by an objective sifting of the data but by groupthink, considerations of personal prestige, or an unacknowledged ideological agenda? That’s the case, most worryingly, when “science” delivers its intimidating verdict on ultimate questions like the existence of God, the origin of mankind, or the origin of life.

A Powerful Remedy

Then some of sort inoculation is needed, a powerful remedy in the form of an independent perspective. A highlight of the past year for us was the Dallas Science & Faith Conference, which delivered just such a remedy, with compelling and dynamic presentations by Stephen Meyer, James Tour, Eric Metaxas, and others. When I say “dynamic,” that’s actually an understatement. The event was such a smashing success that we are doing it again, with a new lineup of topics presented by stars from the worlds of science and scholarship, including Stephen Meyer, John West, Walter Bradley, Michael Behe, and Douglas Axe. 

On Saturday, January 25, we’ll hear about “The Return of the God Hypothesis,” “The Mystery of Life’s Origin,” “Darwin’s Corrosive Idea,” and more. This is, not least in importance, a crucial opportunity for young people. 

Science, Not Trust Alone

Many families have watched helplessly as the culture worked on our children, of a range of ages. The effects can be devastating. Give your own family the gift of a day with top scientists and scholars who are also wonderful and entertaining personalities, thinkers who can do what, I’m sorry to say, pastors and other faith leaders often show themselves unable or unwilling to do: challenge materialist orthodoxy, confidently, authoritatively, with responsible science. 

In our corrosive culture, faith and trust alone aren’t sufficient. With this is mind, the conference includes a special youth track, with many of the same presenters but designed as an option for teens.

Please join us in Dallas! Or more precisely the greater Dallas area, Denton, TX, from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm. More information is here, and a tentative conference schedule is here. There are discounts for students and for early birds. The latter ends on December 17, so register now!

Photo: Stephen Meyer, director of the Center for Science & Culture, teaching at the 2019 Dallas Science & Faith Conference.