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An “Enthralling” New Book from Discovery Fellow Geoffrey Simmons


As I mentioned earlier today, Discovery Institute authors are winning enviable praise for their books. Now our friend Geoffrey Simmons, physician and Center for Science & Culture Fellow, brings out his latest. His new book is Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves? The Convergence of Designs.

Here it is in Kirkus Reviews, not previously known to me for showing sympathy toward the theory of intelligent design:

Simmons…brings his multifaceted interests and his background as a medical doctor to this sweeping discussion of macroevolution and intelligent-design theory. The ambitious scale of the book belies its relatively straightforward purpose: to make a case for intelligent design through examples of intricate complexity in nature and humans’ own innate interest in re-creating versions of themselves — from dolls to robots to clones. He discusses a wide range of topics, including the water cycle and the history of corrective lenses, to offer evidence of what he sees as the unlikelihood of evolutionary development.

The Kirkus Indie reviewer notes, “The most enthralling sections…focus on the wonder and complexity of life on Earth.” Evolution News readers already know Dr. Simmons as a highly entertaining and illuminating writer and will, I’m sure, warmly agree. Get the book here on Amazon.

Photo: CSC Fellow Geoffrey Simmons in Jerusalem.