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“Erudite,” “Profound,” “Beautifully Wrought”: Peter Robinson on Berlinski’s Human Nature

David Klinghoffer


Those are just some of the terms of apt praise applied to David Berlinsk’s new book, Human Nature, by Peter Robinson, Murdoch Distinguished Policy Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution. Robinson writes:

These essays represent a reflection on man and modern times as erudite as the finest history, as profound as the most searching philosophy, as beautifully wrought as the loveliest prose, and as shocking and indignant as the best journalism. The work of a magnificent mind.

All true, and what else is true is that Robinson and Berlinski share a wonderful and charming rapport in a recent interview with David, recorded in Italy, for Robinson’s program Uncommon Knowledge. Find that here!

Photo: David Berlinski and Peter Robinson on Uncommon Knowledge, via Hoover Institution/YouTube (screenshot).