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If Only Michael Behe Taught a Course on Intelligent Design…

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Imagine an alternative reality, somewhere out there in the fabled multiverse. In this reality, everything is the same as in our familiar universe except that, in academia, the argument about intelligent design is openly entertained rather than broadly suppressed. 

In this reality, Michael Behe is still a controversial biochemist at Lehigh University. Not everyone likes his views on ID, but his ideas are freely debated without recourse to shaming or intimidation and, intriguingly, his colleagues at Lehigh permit, indeed encourage, him to teach a special seminar on design versus Darwinian theory. The course is titled something like, “Controversies in Biology: Investigating Evolution and Intelligent Design.”

Of course in our familiar universe, Dr. Behe is not allowed to teach a seminar on ID, though evolutionists can’t find a way to stop him from writing books like his latest, Darwin Devolves. But what if he could teach such a class? Well, it would be something like the 41-part video course offered by Discovery Institute’s DiscoveryU project, available now. Watch a free preview here of the first lecture:

This is an awesome opportunity for students of all ages. Yes, despite what you might think from Darwinists’ continual drumming on the Kitzmiller v. Dover decision, even in our reality, it’s fully legal for a biology student in a public high school to take this course in her spare time, out of personal curiosity! It includes quizzes to check your progress. And of course the wonderful personality of Professor Behe, as your instructor, is one of the main attractions. It’s a great resource for homeschoolers, private schools — and thoughtful adults, naturally, who want to brush up on their grasp of the evidence for ID.

More information is here. Yes, it’s not free, but compared to what you’d pay at a university, it’s a steal. Check out the introductory class now and review the course curriculum at the DiscoveryU website.