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Looking for Things to Be Grateful For? Look No Further Than…Your Eyes

David Klinghoffer

The staff of the Center for Science & Culture wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving. While you enjoy the day, if you’re looking for something to express gratitude for, look no further than…your eyes.

We take them for granted, but our ability to interact with the world through vision is beyond remarkable. At the same time, the eyes are an evolutionary icon, in two senses. In a powerful short video written and directed by our old colleague Rachel Adams, we consider the scientific evidence around the question of eye evolution.

Darwin expected that eyes must have developed from simple forerunners through the usual (hypothesized) series of gradual steps. But at the Cambrian explosion some 530 million years ago, we find clear evidence of both compound and camera eyes already in use by creatures among the first animals in the fossil record. BOOM: There they are.

To deal with and demote the exquisite sensitivity of our vision — the ability to detect a single photon — Darwinists claim that vertebrate eyes are built backwards in testimony to the haphazard ways of evolution. But as biologist and Zombie Science author Jonathan Wells explains, evolutionists are working with outdated science. It’s not ID proponents, but entirely mainstream research, that increasingly reveals the optimal design of our eyes.