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Q&A with Behe on Intelligent Design: “A Strong Desire to Misunderstand These Arguments”

David Klinghoffer

The 41-part video course with Michael Behe on ID is a fantastic resource for students who want to get to the bottom of the scientific case for intelligent design versus unguided evolution. We are posing your best questions to Professor Behe this week. 

For example, what about challenges from Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller? These challenges, which come from other ID critics as well, appear at a glance to faithfully represent Behe’s conception of irreducible complexity. In fact, they demonstrate “a strong desire to misunderstand these arguments.” Behe explains here:

In the video course, “Michael Behe Investigates Evolution and Intelligent Design,” Mike Behe is a lucid and charming explainer of difficult ideas in biology. They are difficult notwithstanding that they go to the heart of ultimate questions about mankind’s place in the universe. Shouldn’t important concepts be easy and intuitive to grasp? Apparently not! Sorry to disappoint you on that, but Behe helps make what is challenging far more accessible, at a reasonable cost.

Please consider taking advantage of this course from Discovery Institute’s DiscoveryU project. More information is here.