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Advance the Tipping Point: End-of-Year Video Message from Stephen Meyer

The other day Steve Meyer and I sat down to review the year’s accomplishments by Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture. It’s pretty amazing. As our Discovery colleague Rob Crowther pointed out, there were things Meyer talked about that neither Rob nor I had heard about before. Take a look at this:

How Discovery’s scientists and scholars manage to do it all is a wonder. I’m not going to try to name any portion of them, lest I forget someone. But surely our leadership at DI should be singled out: Steve Buri, Bruce Chapman, Steve Meyer, and John West. We are going to be enjoying a staff appreciation lunch today, and at these events I always feel it’s our leaders who get shortchanged on the appreciation. So let me say that while Discovery accomplishes a huge amount on a modest budget, this is primarily because of the focus, inspiration, and hard work supplied by the four gentlemen mentioned above.

I hope you will take the opportunity right now to add your own part to next year’s work. Here on my desk, I’m looking at a printed overview of 2020, and it will be a tremendous year, with new books by Meyer, Denton, Behe, and others, major conferences, ID Education Day, the Summer Seminar, new video releases, our own work at Evolution News, the daily voice of the intelligent design movement, and more. Some of these things I’m not able to reveal at the moment, but you will see.

Your Life in Your Hands

We are reaching people in a big way. That’s the case whether you’re talking about the young woman on the video crew at the 2019 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, who wept — not just felt intellectually stimulated or merely enjoyed herself — but wept in relief when she heard Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas discussing evidence for design in the origins of the cosmos and of biology; or whether you’re talking about the prominent Yale computer scientist David Gelernter, who publicly disavowed Darwinian theory this year, causing a great stir, having come to appreciate the arguments and evidence advanced by Meyer and David Berlinski. Brave man. As Gelernter has said of Darwinism, “You take your life in your hands to challenge it intellectually. They will destroy you if you challenge it.”

A Tipping Point

Yes, that is true. Or at least they will try. Those scientists who have signed the Scientific Dissent from Darwinism list (their number topped 1,000 back in February) know the risk they are taking with their careers and livelihood. It would be so much easier to go along with the Darwinian establishment and avoid the attention of the enforcers! Be good yes-men, and good yes-women, for Darwin! 

Other evolution skeptics, more careful or more vulnerable than the open doubters, are keeping quiet, unknown to others in their science department or on their university campus. Some of them are graduates of our Summer Seminar. As I have written before, for every scientist ready to go public, there is some large multiplier of others who are waiting for the right time. When will it come?

Your gift represents the possibility of advancing that time, bringing it closer to tomorrow. I’m talking about a tipping point. At some moment in the future, enough prominent scholars will have come forward as David Gelernter did this year, that others will take courage and step up and speak. Then the illusion of the Darwinist “consensus” will blow away. Please help us make that happen — happen soon — by giving to the Center for Science & Culture now!