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Now It Can Be Told: Intelligent Design 3.0

After the Discovery Institute staff Christmas lunch last week, Stephen Meyer sat down with me for a quick video discussion of an extensive research project that, until now, has been deliberately kept from public. It’s Intelligent Design 3.0, an effort not to make the scientific case for ID directly but, instead, to use design insights to open up avenues for new scientific discoveries. It is being supported by the Center for Science & Culture, thanks to the generosity of our donors:


Dr. Meyer introduces ID 3.0 by telling the remarkable story of how he first got to know German paleontologist Günter Bechly, formerly of the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, but expelled after Bechly came out as an ID proponent. Dr. Bechly is now leading the charge with an ID 3.0 research initiative, teamed with population geneticist Ola Hössjer and biologists Richard Sternberg and Ann Gauger. Meyer explains more.

Bechly, Sternberg, and Gauger, in being affiliated with Discovery Institute, are free to pursue their research interests without fear of the censors. That’s not true of most of the senior and younger scientists in the ID 3.0 program. (How Professor Hössjer manages at Stockholm University, for one, I’m not quite sure.) In fact, the same day that Steve and I recorded this message, we recorded a second video about another project in the same research portfolio — a really cool and quite important one. However, the sober decision was made to hold this news back, for now. Darwinists will do whatever they can to punish university researchers who take an independent view of biological origins. It was better not to take that chance — again, for now.

Dr. Meyer appeals here for your generous support of these efforts. Why? Because seeing the day when the work we support can be discussed openly cannot come soon enough. We’ll someday reach the tipping point: that is, where enough scientists have come forward as Darwin skeptics, and enough evidence entered in our record of publications, demonstrating the value of design thinking as a framework for new discoveries, that a whole scientific paradigm will shift. Those skeptical scientists who have waited for the day will drop the cloak of secrecy. The materialist Darwinian story that scientists, educators, and media spokesmen have been telling themselves, and telling everyone else, will lose its power to compel belief.

Such things happen with a startling rapidity, when the time is right. As we know from the history of science, they have done so in the past. You can hasten that time with your gift now to advance Intelligent Design 3.0!