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Take Courage: 2020 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, January 25; Register Now!

I’ve just been watching a remarkable video of a recent speech by atheist Richard Dawkins, on the theme that modern people can “take courage” from the example of Charles Darwin. It’s remarkable for its irony.

Says Dawkins, Darwin was a courageous man in standing up to the theistic beliefs that held center stage in his own day. And materialists, we’re told, can follow in his path, showing courage by — doing what? By embracing the prestige view, secular materialism, of our own time. It takes “courage,” Dawkins thinks, to follow the path that, in media and academia and many other fields, will smooth your way in your career, win you plaudits, and insulate you from persecution.

Really? Of course the truth is that the courageous stance today is the one that dares to think critically, independently, about our culture’s reigning ideology of scientific atheism. It is materialism that punishes dissenters and seeks, with much success, to intimidate the rest of us. Despicably, it uses fear as a tool, and uses it to great effect.

Real Courage, and Where to Find It

The path of the Darwinist in the year 2020 is the easy way. It’s the coward’s way, and the censor’s way. Under these circumstances, if you want to “take courage” it’s not to Charles Darwin you should be looking. To whom, then? Perhaps to the company of scientists and scholars who will be gathering in Dallas, TX, next month for the 2020 Dallas Conference on Science & Faith.

The event will be held on January 25, a Saturday, from 8:45 am to 4:45 pm. Join Stephen Meyer, John West, Walter Bradley, Michael Behe, and Douglas Axe to learn about “The Return of the God Hypothesis,” “The Mystery of Life’s Origin,” “Darwin’s Corrosive Idea,” and more.

Early Bird Special, Soon Gone 

In considering the mysteries of biological and cosmic origins, the scientist who defies the materialist view has risked his career, reputation, and livelihood. Take courage from scholars like that! Find a tentative conference schedule here, including a youth track for teens, and more information and an online registration form here. Join us in Dallas — but make your plans soon! An early bird special, with a discount on the registration fee, expires on December 17.

What do you have to look forward to? Well, we are doing this again in 2020 because the 2019 Dallas Conference was such a smash success. For a taste, if you missed it, here is Jay Richards speaking on Earth as a privileged planet:

H/t: For more on Dawkins and his peculiar ideas about courage, see atheist Jerry Coyne on “New talk by Dawkins on taking courage from Darwinism.”