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Critic Josh Swamidass Meets Michael Behe Tonight at Texas A&M


Someone had a clever idea: stage a debate between biologist Michael Behe and his critic Joshua Swamidass on “God and/or Evolution?” Proof that it was a clever idea is that the event, tonight at Rudder Theatre at Texas A&M University, is already sold out. The sponsor, Veritas Forum, was urging as of yesterday, “If you are unable to attend tomorrow’s Forum, please cancel your order so we can release tickets to our waitlist.”

Josh Swamidass was one of the trio of authors who reviewed Professor Behe’s book Darwin Devolves: The New Science About DNA That Challenges Evolution in the journal Science. If you are disappointed that you can’t attend, don’t worry. You can assume that the debate will reprise the exchange over Darwin Devolves. But the review’s criticisms, and all of Behe’s extensive replies to it and to other critics, are collected conveniently here at the Michael Behe website. Or for a one-stop source in reply to Swamidass and his co-authors, see “Train Wreck of a Review: A Response to Lenski et al. in Science.”

Photo: Michael Behe, a scene from Revolutionary: Michael Behe and the Mystery of Molecular Machines.