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Darwin Day Is Here! Discover the Cell’s Secrets with Michael Behe

Darwin Day

Don’t look there too closely. Don’t worry, it all came together by chance. Show us your PhD in evolutionary biology. Don’t you trust the scientists? What right do you have to an opinion of your own?

These are, in effect, the response from Darwinian evolutionists to doubts from the public that the wonders of the living cell evolved without intelligent guidance. Those doubts, though, are not unreasonable.

A Beautiful, Accessible Video

Today, for the birthday of Charles Darwin, celebrated around the world as Darwin Day, Discovery Institute is proud to launch a new, five-part video series. It’s Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe. You can see Episode 1 here:

Has there ever been a more beautifully produced or more accessible video about the intelligent design of life? If so, I’m not aware of it.

Your affable host is Lehigh University microbiologist Michael Behe, a prominent intelligent design proponent and author most recently of Darwin Devolves.

“Welcome to the unseen world of organic micromachines,” says Professor Behe. It’s a world of “unbelievable efficiency,” that “would put any modern high-tech factory to shame.” We live in a “golden age of discovery for microbiology.” So it is time to ask, “Exactly how did the cell get to be so complex?” That’s a question Behe began wondering about when he first encountered and was “flabbergasted” by the work of another ID advocate, geneticist Michael Denton. You will be flabbergasted, too.

A Fire-Tested Case for Design

Watch and enjoy, and then take a look at Dr. Behe’s website, which we recently expanded. It looks great! The site includes books, news, videos, articles, a 41-part online course on evolution and ID, and more. Of special interest may be the extensive responses to critics. Behe has stood up to years of hostile peer-review from biologists, looking to trip him up. There’s no significant criticism he hasn’t answered. His arguments for ID are truly fire-tested, and he is firmly ensconced in the scientific literature.

So yes, Secrets of the Cell is intended for a general audience, but viewers can be sure that in weighing Mike Behe’s case for design, they are considering an idea that has withstood the most determined, sometimes furious criticism from Darwinists, atheists, materialists, and others.

Please consider sharing Secrets of the Cell widely with your social media network, and join us again here at Evolution News when we release Episode 2 next week.