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Reader Seeks Intelligent Design in a Nutshell

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A reader writes to ask:

I have always had a few nagging doubts about natural selection. I have watched a few videos and downloaded some books by key ID people but I have still not found **a brief summary** of the main evidence against natural selection and for ID. Most of the videos are WAY too long and meander all over the place. You really need to sharpen things up so we can see all the KEY points gathered in one place for everyone to access.

“Meander all over the place”? Well, I hope not. And from my own experience I disagree. However, I appreciate the request for a really concise presentation of the evidence for ID and the evidence against the sufficiency of natural selection for explaining all biological novelty. The topic is a bit sprawling, and not simple. But cutting to the heart of even a very big subject is possible and desirable and important. Here’s an attempt at an answer.

For maximum clarity and compression, you can’t do better than Stephen Meyer’s PragerU video, “Evolution: Bacteria to Beethoven.”

For a summary of the information argument for intelligent design, I recommend “The Information Enigma,” which I participated in scripting:

On a specific problem with arguments for evolution, the recent video from Discovery Institute on homology, from the “Long Story Short” series, is delightful:

Oh, and be sure to visit us here on Darwin Day, February 12, when Evolution News will debut the first in a series of short videos, Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe. Watch the trailer here. Each video is under five minutes in length:

Beyond videos, the Evolution News series on the Top Six pieces of evidence for intelligent design is excellent, and I think you will find it useful:

Thank you to the reader for the prompt to me to recommend these resources.

Photo credit: A walnut nutshell, by NordWood Themes on Unsplash.