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Say Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin

Today, February 12, is Charles Darwin’s birthday. For the past two decades, secularists and atheists have celebrated “Darwin Day” almost like a religious holiday.

Tonight, for example, the American Humanist Association will hold an event where they promise you can “Discover how Darwin’s apostles… launched a campaign for truth.” I’m not kidding — they really do refer to “Darwin’s apostles”! Meanwhile, the official Facebook page for Darwin Day posts statements like this: “Using scientific logic, we can be as sure of God’s nonexistence as we are of the nonexistence of the aether, phlogiston or werewolves!”

The Cult of Darwin

While some continue to worship in the cult of Darwin, here is some good news in time for Darwin’s birthday: The number of prominent scientists around the world who are leaving Darwin behind is growing!

Just look at what’s happening in South America. Last year, top Brazilian chemist Marcos Eberlin published Foresight, a book presenting scientific evidence for purpose in nature. His book was endorsed by three different Nobel Prize-winning scientists. Last month, another Brazilian scientist who supports intelligent design was tapped to head a government agency that oversees higher education throughout Brazil. Elsewhere, new groups of scientists who support intelligent design are being formed in Austria, Italy, and Israel. Here in America, Yale University computer scientist David Gelernter publicly announced his skepticism of Darwinism last year after reading books by Discovery Institute scholars.

Given these developments, wouldn’t it be fun if we turned Darwin’s birthday into a day to support the overthrow of Darwin?

Here’s a suggestion: Give a “birthday gift” on Darwin’s birthday to support Discovery Institute’s work advancing intelligent design!

You Can Drive Them Nuts

Just imagine if thousands of people start giving “birthday gifts” on Darwin’s birthday to advance the work of scientists, scholars, and writers working to topple Darwin. 

If you send us a gift for Darwin’s birthday, I will send YOU a free gift: a digital download of the 380-page book Debating Darwin’s Doubt. This is one of the books Yale scientist David Gelernter said influenced his journey away from of Darwinism. You can have it for FREE if you give a “birthday gift” to Discovery Institute of at least $25!

This will drive Darwinists crazy! Won’t you help us start this new movement for Darwin Day this year?

Photo: Charles Darwin in 1855, by Maull and Polyblank, Literary and Scientific Portrait Club, via Wikimedia Commons.