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Episode 4 of Secrets of the Cell — Broken Wolves and other Evolutionary Conundrums

On a new episode of Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe, the famed biochemist and intelligent design proponent briefly examines several evolutionary icons. These are living species that are considered by Darwinists as slam-dunk evidence of unguided evolution’s creative power, but that turn out to be just the opposite:

Dogs, for one, in their great variety descend from wolves. Atheist biologist Richard Dawkins and others have pointed to man’s best friend as confirmation that evolution creatively builds new species. Behe explains, though, that when the cell’s secrets are considered — biological information at the DNA level — we discover that dogs are broken wolves. Of course that doesn’t make them any less loveable. They evolved largely by losing genetic functions through mutation. As Dr. Behe explains, “The mutations don’t construct new genes. Most of them break or damage preexisting genes.” He gives specific illustrations. In fact, some of the things we love most about dogs are due to such “disruptions” or “degradations” of genes. In just five minutes, Behe expands his case studies of the phenomenon to polar bears and the E. coli bacteria studied in Richard Lenski’s famous lab.

But the most widely advertised wonder of evolution is that it builds novelties, not that it destroys them. In that case, where do the novelties come from? Behe will answer that question in a subsequent episode.

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