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Coronavirus Response: Dr. Geoffrey Simmons on Design in Nature and Medical Science

Photo source: Geoffrey Simmons.


On a new episode of ID the Future, internal medicine specialist Dr. Geoffrey Simmons speaks with host Andrew McDiarmid about his recent Evolution News article on the immune system and our body’s response to the coronavirus. It comprises an enormously complex biological enterprise with adaptive memory for millions of pathogens and the ability to keep on learning more. Researchers study it to learn how to create vaccines for diseases like COVID-19. Their work is one of intelligent design from start to finish. But, Simmons says, we ought to recognize that it starts with studying systems in our bodies that are even more intelligently designed. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

One might object that if our immune system were intelligently designed, it would be utterly immune to all pathogens, but such an objection makes theological or philosophical assumptions about the intentions of any would-be designer of life. The objection also overlooks the fact that we routinely recognize intelligent design in objects that are masterfully designed and yet not invulnerable to attack.

Dr. Simmons is the author most recently of Are We Here to Re-Create Ourselves? He is a Fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture.

Photo: Dr. Geoffrey Simmons in Jerusalem.