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“MasterClass” with Stephen Meyer; 25 Percent Discount Ends at Midnight on April 30

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You’ve seen it promoted on Facebook and elsewhere: the highly produced series of online “MasterClass” programs with celebrities in a range of fields. You can learn about Writing with Dan Brown, Film and TV with Ron Howard, Culinary Arts with Wolfgang Puck, Science & Technology with Neil deGrasse Tyson, Lifestyle with RuPaul, and many others. 

That’s all fine, but what if you want to learn about something a little meatier — in fact about the ultimate questions that have troubled human beings from the inception of our species? Like: Does the universe manifest purpose? Does life give evidence of design? Is there a transcendent mind behind the veil of nature? For that, looking to the offerings of the MasterClass celebrities, you’d be out of luck.

To answer that need, Discovery Institute offers our own “MasterClass,” you could call it, with apologies to RuPaul, Neil Tyson, et al. DiscoveryU is our answer to MasterClass. Our latest is an 85-lesson online course with a star in the field of intelligent design. It’s “Stephen Meyer Investigates Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design,” and I can offer you a special 25 percent discount on it but only through midnight Pacific time tonight. For more information look here. For the discount, just enter the code mgen25 when you check out.

Dr. Meyer is the Cambridge University-trained philosopher of science and New York Times bestselling author, whose next book is The Return of the God Hypothesis. In his DiscoveryU online course he discusses the “three discoveries that reveal the mind behind the universe.” At the DiscoveryU website, there is a free preview and a detailed course outline. In compelling, accessible lectures, Dr. Meyer covers the origin of life, the origin of animal life, and the origin of our fine-tuned universe. In his final lecture he answer what might be the most urgent question imaginable: “Who Is the Designer?”

Take a moment now to check out the DiscoveryU website and consider learning about the secrets of our world of life from a brilliant and charismatic scholar.