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Stephen Meyer on Physics and Cosmology: Online Course Opens New Frontier for Intelligent Design

Actually, the new course from DiscoveryU — “Stephen Meyer Investigates Scientific Evidence for Intelligent Design” — opens a number of frontiers. For one, it’s the first online course that this charismatic philosopher of science and New York Times bestselling author has offered at But the really important new frontier for Dr. Meyer is a substantive one: from chemical and biological evolution, he now turns his attention to physics and cosmology. 

As an introductory courtesy, we are currently offering a coupon worth 25 percent off the full cost of the course. Just enter the code mgen25 when you check out. More information is here. Dr. Meyer introduces the course in a new episode of ID the Future. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

In the course, he covers what he calls the “three discoveries that reveal the mind behind the universe.” The discoveries have to do with the origin of life, the development of complex life, and the origin of the cosmos. The last of these represents an area that until now Dr. Meyer hasn’t publicly explored. It’s a focus of his next book, The Return of the God Hypothesis. The book is written, and this week we got news of the finalized publication date, March 30, 2021. That’s right, about a year away. Publishers don’t rush things. If you’re impatient to hear the evidence for intelligent design in the structure of the universe and its laws, then Meyer’s online course is the place to go to hear it right now.