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Whale Evolution — Believe It or Not? Register by Thursday for Webinar with Sternberg and Wells!

David Klinghoffer


Darwin thought whales possibly evolved from…bears. Measured for implausibility, that’s not far off from speculations by evolutionists today. Whales, in fact, are an evolutionary icon, tirelessly advanced by Darwin defenders as a magnificent demonstration of unguided evolution by blind, material processes alone. Prominent atheist biologist Jerry Coyne calls whale fossils “one of our best examples of an evolutionary transition.”

These arguments get a wonderfully entertaining sendup in the upcoming “Long Story Short” video, “Whale of an Evolution Tale,” just 10 minutes long, from Discovery Institute. Our FREE online debut and live discussion on the topic, a Zoom webinar, is this Thursday, April 23, at 4 pm Pacific time or 7 pm Eastern. Want to join us? The deadline to register is the same day at 10 am Pacific or 1 pm Eastern. Registering is easy; you can (and must) do it here. Using Zoom is easy, too, as you probably know by now. More information is available at the Discovery website. Unfortunately we can’t make exceptions if you don’t register by the deadline.

The event begins with a screening of the video, and it is followed by an in-depth discussion of the scientific evidence by two senior Discovery Institute biologists, Richard Sternberg and Jonathan Wells. Robert Crowther of the Center for Science & Culture will host, and take your questions and challenges for Dr. Stenberg and Dr. Wells. You can pose your queries to both, or just sit back and enjoy the conversation. It’s a special live Zoom event, as I said, so don’t miss it. But again, you must register in advance by Thursday to join us!