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Thanks to the Sacrifices of Many, There’s Talk of Censoring Us

Your support for the Center for Science & Culture has allowed us to reach an enormous audience. Now, because of our impact, the censors have turned their gaze on Evolution News.

An article in the journal BioEssays demands Internet censorship of sources sharing evidence of design in biology. The author of the article says that if Big Tech entities (Google, Facebook) shy away from prejudicial treatment of ID, then the government should step in and “Make them.”

ID scientists, from their personal experience, would have told you it was only a matter of time. The upcoming Memorial Day weekend is a time for reflection about sacrifice. While heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces have given their lives, the scholars who critique scientific atheism and advance the theory of ID offer of themselves in different ways. They risk destruction of careers and reputations.

Your Prayers, Please

Please take a moment to consider them in your prayers, and in your own giving.

I’m thinking of colleagues and friends who left perches in academia, or were thrown out for heresy: Stephen Meyer, Douglas Axe, Ann Gauger, John West, Günter Bechly, Richard Sternberg, and more. Others miraculously survive in their universities, despite the curses and arrows directed at them: David Gelernter at Yale, Michael Behe at Lehigh, Michael Egnor at Stony Brook.

Stay Safe…Or Join the Mob?

They all would have been prudent to stay safe, masked and sheltering in place. Or better yet, go along with the Darwinist mob! That’s a great way to get ahead.

Think of the ominous transformation we see today: many people now consider supporting the right to free speech as controversial and divisive! Please help us by contributing to Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture today.

I’m grateful to be part of this enterprise that brings the thought of Darwin skeptics and ID scientists to millions. We do so through websites like Evolution News, which I edit, on YouTube, in live presentations and video conferences, books, journals, and other publications.

Our culture trembles between recognizing and denying the purpose and meaning behind life. Meanwhile, electronic media pump out propaganda for nihilism. It’s a sickness, and good science, widely publicized, is the cure.

Your generous gift now will help deliver that cure. Your donation of $50, $500, or $5,000 — whatever you can afford at this very difficult time for us all — is crucial. Thank you!

Photo: Stephen Meyer, David Gelernter, and David Berlinski, “Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson,” via Hoover Institution, Stanford University (screen shot).