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Be a Movie Producer!

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A few years ago, a college student despaired when his professors insisted that pursuing science required embracing materialism. Then the student discovered YouTube videos featuring Steve Meyer, Mike Behe, and other researchers at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture (CSC). Those videos threw him a lifeline, and he embraced intelligent design. Today he is enrolled in a science PhD program at a top-tier research university.

Before midnight tonight, people around the globe will have watched another one billion hours of videos on YouTube. Many of those videos will change their lives — inspiring hope, or provoking despair.

Videos That Give Hope

That’s why the CSC has invested so much time and effort in recent years to expand its YouTube presence. We want to produce videos that will give people hope. I’m happy to report that our investment is paying off:

  • In the last 90 days, 1.3 million unique viewers have watched our videos on YouTube.
  • Between 2018 and 2019, our annual views on YouTube increased over 400 percent.
  • Since 2019, our videos like Science Uprising, Secrets of the Cell with Michael Behe, Human Zoos, and the Dallas Conference on Science and Faith have received more than 6.3 million new views.
  • We now have more than 110,000 subscribers to our top three YouTube channels, with more being added daily.

Viewers are now posting thousands of comments on YouTube about how our videos are impacting their lives. Here is a sampling:

  • “Just finished watching and I am so stunned I can hardly move.”
  • “This should be shown in every school around the world.”
  • “This whole series gives me hope for humanity.” 
  • “Watching this restores my awe and wonder of the natural world.”
  • “This was amazing and I want to hug you.”
  • “I love this video so much… Also my son is yelling that he liked it too.”

Will You Help Us?

Many are pleading for more videos, posting comments such as: “Please continue doing this!” “We need more of these!!” “More, please!”

Will you help us answer these pleas? 

Unlike Hollywood, we don’t have investors with deep pockets. We need a special group of supporters who understand how videos change people’s minds and who will commit to becoming our “movie producers.”  

By donating now to our video production fund, you can help us reach millions of people with high-quality content about intelligent design, the value of human life, science and faith, and the corrosive impact of Darwinism. 

If you ever wanted to be a movie producer, now is your opportunity! Will you take it?

As a special thank you for donating at least $50, we’ll send you a password-protected link to view an exclusive clip from a future episode of Science Uprising. Movie producers, after all, deserve special access!

Just say: Yes, I’d like to donate!

Image credit: Jake Hills, via Unsplash.