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Here’s How We Get Around the Wikipedia Roadblock

Something has gone seriously wrong in our culture. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, strict, arbitrary, and undemocratic dictates for the law-abiding, and a free-for-all for those who sow chaos disguised as “protest,” you have to wonder what will come next.

In these mad times, Discovery Institute’s mission — to advance creativity over destruction — has never seemed more urgent. I want to suggest a way that you can join us in that.

Many Americans are isolated from others. At the same time, the King’s Highway of news, information, and inspiration — social media and other online sources — is increasingly blocked. Facebook, Google, and Twitter no longer hide their bias and censorship. 

Newcomers to ID often ask us about a certain influential online encyclopedia. They say, “Why don’t you fix your Wikipedia pages?” This makes us laugh, because we’ve been fighting the masked Wiki editors for years. 

Censor of the Year

Evolution News awarded Wikipedia our 2018 Censor of the Year award, recognizing their vigilance in keeping the truth about evidence of biological design hidden from countless readers. Their main article on intelligent design begins with a sentence including no fewer than three lies. Attempts to clean things up are reversed in minutes by “editors” on alert 24/7 who have nothing else to do with their time.

These editors, going by eerie pseudonyms, have erased or gutted entries for ID scientists including Günter Bechly and Walter Bradley. Even Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger has blasted the “appallingly biased” article on ID, adding, “I completely despair of persuading Wikipedians of the error of their ways.”

Is there any remedy? Yes — one notable way we get around the censors (for now!) is our videos on intelligent design. Led by documentaries and series like Human Zoos, Science Uprising, and Long Story Short, this is a major tool we use to bypass the thought police. The Center for Science & Culture’s YouTube channel alone climbed to 1,355,987 views in the most recent 28 day period.

That’s fantastic, but it’s not enough. Videos are the most accessible form of communication around. Ours are widely shared, dramatic, sometimes humorous, easy to understand, and with a greater potential impact than anything Wikipedia can throw at us. 

Keep the Road Open

We control the content and can help direct where it goes. That’s not easy, though, and above all, it’s expensive. I also can’t guarantee that this road, via YouTube (another medium that censors content), will remain open. 

So I’m appealing to you now to seize the moment and help us reach an even bigger audience — much bigger! — that needs to know about the case for intelligent design, for purpose in life and in the universe. We need to produce more videos and distribute them more widely!

Wiki editors are the vandals of information. Please consider working with us now to restore truth over lies, creativity over chaos, and freedom over constriction. Supporting our videos, with a gift of any size, is your affirmation that truth matters and it will find a way!

Photo: A scene from Seattle’s protest zone, by Derek Simeon via Flickr.