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Postscript on the Explanatory Filter

Josh Swamidass wants to revisit some well worn paths: Click here. I’ll pass except to cite Part II (on detecting design) of The Design Revolution and to add, in light of the latter, that I’m happy with the filter and think it holds up nicely.

Editor’s note: See Dr. Dembski’s earlier post, “Retirement ≠ Repudiation.” Cross-posted with permission from “Freedom, Technology, Education.”

William A. Dembski

Board of Directors, Discovery Institute
A mathematician and philosopher, Bill Dembski is the author/editor of more than 20 books as well as the writer of peer-reviewed articles spanning mathematics, engineering, philosophy, and theology. A past philosophy professor, he retired in 2014 from active research and teaching in intelligent design (ID) to focus on the connections between freedom, technology, and education — specifically, how education helps to advance human freedom with the aid of technology. Bill Dembski is presently an entrepreneur who builds educational software and websites. He lives near Denton, Texas.



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