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Walking Whales: Get a Free Chapter of Zombie Science

David Klinghoffer

“Darwin thought that bears could turn into whales,” explains the droll narrator of the recent superb Discovery Institute video, “Whale Evolution: Good Evidence for Darwin?” It’s part of the Long Story Short series that identifies problems with evolutionary theory in the most compact, accessible, and charming manner. Since Darwin, facing laughter from his own contemporaries, scrubbed the whale/bear connection from the second edition of the Origin of Species, the origin of whales has remained a sore point for evolutionists, on which they’ve tried to perform a miraculous transformation. Today, Darwin defenders brandish the whale as no less than an evolutionary icon.

Yesterday, the animator of the Long Story series replied to critics of the whale video — with a new offering, “Whale Evolution: Responding to Critics.” The first video is only 10 minutes long and second, only 12 minutes. The animator, whom we’re calling Long Story, knows his stuff. But for even more background on “Walking Whales,” see the chapter by that name in biologist Jonathan Wells’ book Zombie Science: More Icons of Evolution. We’re currently offering the chapter FREE to download. It comes with a subscription, also FREE, to the newsletter Nota Bene which collects the best of each week’s articles from Evolution News. Find that here now!

Photo credit: Jorge Vasconez via Unsplash.