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Welcome Back, Jonathan McLatchie, and Congratulations!

Jonathan McLatchie
Photo: Jonathan McClatchie (r.) debating Oxford University physical chemist Peter Atkins (l.) in January 2020 (screenshot).

It’s gratifying to reintroduce a longtime contributor, Jonathan McLatchie! He is currently writing a short series on Bayes’ Theorem and intelligent design, so be sure to follow his writing here. Many Evolution News readers will already know Jonathan, who has written for us for years under the name “Jonathan M.” As of January 2020, Jonathan M. is now Dr. Jonathan McLatchie. He earned a PhD in evolutionary biology from the Biosciences Institute at Newcastle University in the UK. Dr. McLatchie is now Assistant Professor of Biology at Sattler College in Boston, MA. He’s pictured above (r.) in a debate, back in January, with Oxford University physical chemist Peter Atkins (l.). Welcome home, and congratulations!

By the way, Dr. McLatchie’s debate with Dr. Atkins is on YouTube, here (main event) and here (Q&A).