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Biology’s “Best-Kept Secret” — Alfred Wallace’s Classic Is Out Now in a New Edition

Alfred Russel Wallace
Image: Alfred Russel Wallace, by London Stereoscopic and Photographic Company (active 1855-1922) / Public domain.

On the subject of evolution, the scientific “consensus” depends on maintaining the public’s forgetfulness of Charles Darwin’s great partner, rival, and challenger.

What, indeed, do Professor James T. Costa, Brown University biologist Kenneth Miller, BioLogos president Deborah Haarsma, and evolution historian Peter J. Bowler all have in common? Answer: they all want to obscure the fact that Alfred Russel Wallace, who co-discovered the theory of natural selection independently of Darwin, solved the problem of evolution by redefining it as “directed, detectably designed, and purposeful common descent.” 

These Darwin devotees and Darwinian theists would have you believe that, as the source of biological invention, purely stochastic and mindless processes were “proven” with the Origin of Species (1859) and Descent of Man (1871), and that these are the only ones worthy of serious discussion today. For them only chance and necessity count as scientific explanations. 

Reductionism Challenged

But more than a century ago Wallace challenged such reductionism with The World of Life: A Manifestation of Creative Power, Directive Mind and Ultimate Purpose, his magnum opus devoted to genuine teleology in nature. 

Now a thoroughly updated introduction with a new preface by William A. Dembski, presents a definitive abridged edition of The World of Life, Wallace’s crowning achievement that today’s Darwinists would prefer you not see. Edited by science historian Michael Flannery, Intelligent Evolution: How Alfred Russel Wallace’s World of Life Challenged Darwinism is now available (in print and e-book formats) in a new edition thoroughly updated to take advantage of the latest scholarship in history, biology, linguistics, archeology, and anthropology. 

A Forerunner of Intelligent Design

The book cuts through the confusions and conflations burdening the current evolution controversy, and no one who reads it will look at biological origins again in quite the same way. As Dembski states in his foreword: 

As told here, the best-kept secret of most biology textbooks is exposed: Darwinian evolution and its modern synthesis is a paradigm in tatters. And the situation has gotten appreciably worse, not better, for this beleaguered theory.

To find out exactly how and why, order your copy today. Wallace can be claimed as a forerunner of modern intelligent design theory. To understand ID, and to grasp the depth of the case it makes, you need to appreciate the thought of Alfred Wallace.