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Denton “Takes the Fine-Tuning Argument to a Whole New Level”

David Klinghoffer
Miracle of the Cell
Image credit: Brian Gage.

Biologist Michael Denton’s new book, The Miracle of the Cell, is out today! As paleontologist Günter Bechly explains, there are levels of fine-tuning in nature — the cosmic, the planetary, the biological — but Denton takes the discussion of the phenomenon and its implications to a “whole new level”:

In this seminal new book, distinguished biochemist Michael Denton takes the fine-tuning argument to a whole new level. He shows that many of the chemical elements themselves and their properties are delicately fine-tuned for life, and the same holds for crucial compounds like water. Denton also makes a convincing case that all these instances of fine-tuning converge towards a ‘primal blueprint’ that existed prior to the arrival of the first living cell. Denton is at the forefront of assembling this evidence as a cumulative case for teleology in nature. The Miracle of the Cell greatly advances the case in favor of intelligent causes in the natural sciences. The growing body of evidence from modern science more and more calls for a shift away from the ruling but obsolete paradigm of materialism, which allows only for the blind action of natural laws and mere matter in motion. Michael Denton’s work will prove to be a milestone in this ongoing scientific revolution.


Given a “primal blueprint” that preceded the first life, the solution can only be intelligent design. Get your copy of the The Miracle of the Cell now.