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Against the Tide: The Classroom Where C. S. Lewis Taught

John Lennox

Oxford University mathematician John Lennox stars in the one-night-only film Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science, in theaters across the country on November 19. Get your tickets here, and don’t forget to bring family and friends! Looking forward to the release, Professor Lennox took time to answer some questions from Evolution News. We noted on Friday that C. S. Lewis was a special influence on Dr. Lennox.

Does the film show the actual classroom where you saw C. S. Lewis lecture?

So far as I remember, it was that classroom except I have a vague feeling there was a parallel classroom that had windows out on to the street. And my feeling is that it might have been that one but they refurbished it. So the furnishing in that is virtually identical to the one that I sat in in those lectures of Lewis. I went to three or four, and I’m very glad I did because none of us knew he was dying, of course, at that time. 

They were the last lectures he ever gave. I’m very pleased to have been at them, just for that point of contact because I never met him personally, although subsequently I got to know quite a few people who knew him well. But he’s had such an impact on me, and from many points of view, not only philosophy of science but the communication of Christianity and the imaginative style. So there’s a great debt there. I owe debts to others of course, but he was one of the earliest and most important ones.

Join us on November 19! See the trailer for Against the Tide here:

David Klinghoffer

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