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Lennox Versus Dawkins: “Science and Religion as Alternative Explanations”?

David Klinghoffer
Photo: John Lennox in Against the Tide.

I am alerting readers to the upcoming event in movie theaters across the country. Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science stars Oxford University mathematician John Lennox. There will be one night only when the film is screened — Thursday, November 19. You can and should get your tickets now. Here’s a sample:

The film highlights debates between Professor Lennox, arguing the case for theism, supported by science, against prominent atheists including Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens. The film’s website includes lots of great resources including this gem — the 2008 debate between Dawkins and Lennox, filmed at Oxford’s Natural History Museum! I think Lennox gets to the heart of a great question by challenging Dawkins on the assumption that science and faith cannot coexist but must be understood as “alternative explanations” for reality. Of course that hopelessly prejudices the question. Find the full debate here: “Has Science Buried God?”

In the film, Lennox journeys with actor and interlocutor Kevin Sorbo from Oxford to Jerusalem. It’s very well done. You will enjoy it.