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Stephen Meyer Gets a Suitably Impressive New Website

Stephen Meyer
Photo: Stephen Meyer at the 2020 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith, by Chris Morgan.

However profound the stakes with our colleague Stephen Meyer’s previous two major books, Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt, the consequences of his next book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe, promise to be still greater. Because of the response we knew he would get to the New York Times bestseller Darwin’s Doubt, from critics and new friends alike, that launch felt like going to war. If that was the case then, I’m not quite sure how to characterize what to expect from the new book — mega-war?

Fitting to the circumstances, we are delighted to introduce an impressive new website for the book and for Dr. Meyer’s other work. Find the new Stephen Meyer site here, beautifully designed by Discovery Institute web genius Nathan Jacobson. Return of the God Hypothesis ratchets the debate about intelligent design up to the maximum. Until now, Meyer limited his argument to biology and the fossil record, making the case for a designing intelligence behind the history of life because that is what the scientific evidence permitted. By turning to physics and cosmology — the study of the universe and its origins — he brings powerful evidence not just for an unidentified designer but for a personal God. Stakes don’t come higher than that. Preorder your copy now.

Take a look at the new website, and let it accompany you into battle! It’s a wonderful resource with articles, videos, research, events, and a full online course about intelligent design taught by Steve Meyer. The book comes out on March 30, 2021. I’ve read it and it is fantastic. And important.