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Origin of Life: Put Your Questions LIVE to Stephen Meyer, James Tour

Meyer Tour podcast
Photo: James Tour interviewing Stephen Meyer.

Our friends at the UK’s Centre for Intelligent Design are doing a service on Monday, October 19, by hosting a live webinar on the origin of life with synthetic organic chemist James Tour and philosopher of science Stephen Meyer. Find it here:

These two have met in the past and they have a great rapport — now you have the opportunity to ask your questions and put your challenges to them in real time. The online event starts at 11:30 am Pacific or 2:30 pm Eastern time. Professor Tour, who teaches at Rice University, has been a scorching critic of current theories of abiogenesis. Dr. Meyer’s next book is Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries that Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe, out on March 30. Dr. Meyer also has a brand new website that you can also find here.

The event is free. If you miss the live webinar you can also watch here at Evolution News later.