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Oxford’s John Lennox: Battle Cry of the “Believing Scientist”

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Iris Nebula, by NASA/ESA.

“I do argue that there is evidence for the existence of an intelligent God behind the universe,” So says Oxford University mathematician John Lennox in the film Against the Tide, which will screen just one night in theaters nationally, November 19. “I’m convinced of it, not simply as a Christian but as a believing scientist.”

That last phrase — “as a believing scientist” — is the key. Given the prestige of science, its tendency now to grow ever more tyrannically ideological and political, it is nothing less than a battle cry. Many religiously affiliated people, including clergy and other leaders, would prefer to let their faith float free of challenging questions about objective evidence. That lets us off the hook from having to argue with atheists whose own slogan is “Science Says.” It may make us feel more sophisticated. And with this escape clause we don’t need to think deeply about biology or cosmology. The problem is that excusing religious belief from having to make a rational case for itself against rival views sends a damaging message — to ourselves, to our children — that faith has no rational basis. That’s just as Darwinists, materialists, and atheists say.

John Lennox is a C. S. Lewis for today. He has debated the smartest and most aggressive atheists, and he possesses a gift for making his scientific case in an accessible, uplifting, and charming way. Paired with actor Kevin Sorbo, he stands “against the tide” of corrosive doubt that’s pumped into our culture by social media, the culture, and our sources of entertainment. See the trailer here: 

You will appreciate the scientific case made by Against the Tide. The second half of the film makes, in addition, a specific religious case for Lennox’s own Christian faith. Remember, it’s that one night only. You can reserve your tickets here.