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Taking Applications Now to Be Our New Education and Outreach Coordinator!

Ann Gauger
Photo: ID Education Day, in Seattle.

What if scientists in the intelligent design movement went about their work, uncovering powerful evidence of direction and meaning in biology and cosmology, but…no one ever heard about it? That would kind of defeat the purpose. That’s why education and outreach — our Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design, ID Education Days, Faith and Science Conferences, events and webinars, grassroots activism, and more — are at the core of our mission at the Center for Science and Culture. It’s a way we share scientific evidence of design, and the hope that makes that evidence so important, with the world.

Some excellent news, then, is that we are expanding our staff, adding a new Education and Outreach Coordinator to work with Daniel Reeves, stepping up to the role of Education and Outreach Director. All the information you need to apply, including details about duties, compensation, and qualifications, can be found here. This is a junior-level but important position. We’ll be delighted to welcome the right person as a new colleague.