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From Isaac Newton to Stephen Hawking in Three Catastrophic Steps

David Klinghoffer
Hawking zero gravity
Photo credit: Jim Campbell/Aero-News Network [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

Theism is pressed by a range of challenges but none is greater than the perception that science has “buried God,” as Oxford mathematician John Lennox puts it. Nothing is more poisonous, for the young and the old alike, than the perception that the smart money is all on atheism. Of course, it’s not. In a video presentation, Lennox considers, among other questions, how and why the profile of what a great scientist must believe has evolved since Isaac Newton:

Newton was a devout if slightly unorthodox religious believer. Today the most iconic scientist-genius we know is the late Stephen Hawking, an atheist. Does the transition simply reflect the advance of scientific knowledge? Lennox says no. He identifies three catastrophic steps the culture has taken on the road from Newton to Hawking. They stem from “False logic,” “False ideas about the nature of God,” and “False ideas about the nature of scientific explanation.”

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