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Introducing Our “Scientists Say” Collection

To hear the mainstream media tell it, there’s no controversy — all reputable scientists repudiate intelligent design. That’s simply not so. The reality is, many highly respected scientists (and mathematicians, statisticians, engineers, etc.) see evidence of design in the cell, in the fine-tuning of the universe, in myriad facets of the natural world. And their number continues to grow as our knowledge of nature deepens.

Many products at our Discovery Institute-CSC Zazzle store feature direct quotations from renowned scientists calling attention to remarkable features of the natural world. Some of these scientists recognize intelligent design as the best explanation for these features, while others simply marvel at what they see through their telescopes or microscopes. 

So take a look at the mugs, notebooks, wall art, magnets, and other products in our “Scientists Say” collection — and notice especially our calendars, which feature quotations and beautiful photographs for each month of the year.