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John Lennox: A Favorite Debate with the Atheists?

Photo: Screenshot from John Lennox's debate with Christopher Hitchens.

Oxford University mathematician John Lennox stars in the three-nights-only film Against the Tide: Finding God in an Age of Science, in theaters across the country on November 19, 20, 23. Get your tickets here, and don’t forget to bring family and friends! Professor Lennox has debated a number of very prominent atheists. Looking forward to the documentary’s release, he took time to answer some questions from Evolution News.

Do you have a favorite debate that you were a part of?

That’s so hard to say. Because they were all different and there were [some less favorite] debates but they were all interesting in different ways. I learned so much from them. There was the debate with Peter Singer — there’s talk of me having another one, a Zoom one at Princeton in the next few months actually. It’s the Veritas Forum I think that’s organizing that. I did three or four with [Richard] Dawkins, one of which was never published. That was hosted by Charlie Rose in New York, but I don’t think Charlie Rose liked what happened with the show so they pulled it. That’s a different thing all together. It’s very hard to answer your question. 

Some of the debates were very moving. I debated a woman in Utah — Margaret Battin. Professor Battin [of the University of Utah’s Medical School]. She is a world expert on right to die and euthanasia and all of this and she’d had to switch off the machine for her husband just a few weeks before I debated her. That was a very moving debate. She was very brave to face it but you’d need to watch that to see what happens — another Veritas debate. That was a very moving thing, the whole evening. 

We’re looking forward to those three nights later this month. See Professor Lennox’s debate with atheist Christopher Hitchens — “Is God Great?” — here:

David Klinghoffer

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