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New “Long Story” on Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance — Premiere and Live Chat, November 12

David Klinghoffer

“Ah hah, but what about bacterial antibiotic resistance!” This is one of the stock attempts to rebut arguments against the creative potential of unguided evolution. You hear it all the time. The wonderful animated “Long Story Short” series from Discovery Institute tackles that one next, following delightful past episodes addressing homology and whale evolution. The series has been such a success, and entertained and enlightened so many viewers, that this time we are giving the new episode — “ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE & BACTERIAL EVOLUTION — WHAT’S THE REAL STORY?” — an enhanced sendoff. Join us for a live premiere on YouTube, Thursday, November 12, at 6 pm Pacific time.

The premiere will include a live chat, before and during the presentation, on the subject with the pseudonymous animator, whom we have called “Long Story,” and with Discovery Institute science staff. You can watch it here, but I’ll remind you again before the day:

Pose your questions and challenges to us! More information is here. And by the way, no registration is needed! Super convenient.