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Biologist Raymond Bohlin on Behe’s Mousetrap: “This Collection Is a Treasure”

David Klinghoffer
Photo: Michael Behe, via Discovery Institute.

Michael Behe’s new book, A Mousetrap for Darwin, gets high praise from biologist Raymond G. Bohlin, co-author of The Natural Limits to Biological Change:

Ever since the release of Darwin’s Black Box in 1996, I have been impressed with Mike Behe’s ability to respond to his critics quickly, respectfully, and with clarity and patience. This collection of many of those responses over a 24-year period is a gift to all who promote intelligent design, and indeed to anyone passionately interested in the science of biological origins and the contemporary debate over Darwinism and design. Both critics and champions of intelligent design will find much to ponder here. Behe repeatedly meets his critics head on and with no apologies. This collection is a treasure.

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