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Blood Clotting Remains a Mousetrap for Darwin

red blood cells
Image credit: Vector8DIY, via Pixabay.

On a new episode of ID the FutureMichael Behe continues discussing his new book, A Mousetrap for Darwin, with host Eric Anderson. Here the focus is the blood clotting cascade. Behe has argued it’s irreducibly complex, like a mousetrap, and that blind evolution couldn’t build it one small functional step at a time. Download the podcast or listen to it here.

Behe says a better explanation is that blood clotting was intelligently designed. His critics have responded to his argument over the years. Here Behe returns the favor. His most prominent interlocutor on the matter is the recently deceased Russell Doolittle. Behe shows that Doolittle misread the paper he relied on to refute Behe. Professor Behe also responds to Kenneth Miller and Keith Robison. According to Behe, his critics have managed to provide little more than hand-waving, smoke screens, and the sweeping of crucial problems under the rug. Tune in to catch some of the back and forth, and for a deeper look at this challenge to modern evolutionary theory, pick up a copy of Behe’s new book