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Günter Bechly: Welcome to the Underground

Photo: Günter Bechly.

As a colleague pointed out yesterday, American life is taking on new aspects with an increasingly “underground” feel. It’s become suffocating on the surface, so truth seeks shelter. People monitor what they permit themselves to say in public, and often in private, too. Social media are watching what you post. A lot of people have learned what it feels like to have your Facebook or Twitter account suspended as a punishment for saying something politically disfavored. As Discovery Institute’s Chris Rufo has extensively reported, your employer, in the public or private sphere, may decide it’s time for you to be reprogrammed in line with woke racial ideology.

The experience of being canceled or expelled is no longer limited to controversial speakers on college campuses, who make students feel “unsafe.” It’s not limited to intelligent design advocates either. 

A Fair Hearing for ID

German paleo-entomologist Günter Bechly was canceled by his employer, the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart where he was a curator. A distinguished scientist and brilliant writer, his crime was to give the scientific case for intelligent design a fair hearing. In 2015 he ended up going underground — and finding us here at Discovery Institute’s Center for Science & Culture, where he is now a Senior Fellow, and at Evolution News, where he is a contributing writer and where I have the privilege of being the editor. Dr. Bechly recently penned a blockbuster 14-part series debunking Kimberella as a solution to the Cambrian Explosion. In case you missed it, it is a monumental, and morally important, piece of scholarship. The Cambrian event, a massive saltation, remains an unsolvable mystery for Darwinists, with all that implies about the evidence for purpose and design.

Thank You for Your Support

It’s because of your support that we are able to provide an institutional home for Dr. Bechly, allowing him to come up from underground and broadcast his writing, his research, his advocacy of the theory of ID and his skepticism about neo-Darwinism. He discusses his work for Evolution News in a new video that I urge you to watch:

ID scientists like Günter Bechly — and others who write for Evolution News — are the part of the intelligent design underground that has been able to come up into the light. Bechly appeals here for your pledge of assistance before the end of the year. Please, if you can, support the Center for Science & Culture so we can do two things: Keep sharing the dissident scientists’ creative scholarship with the world, and bring more scientists up into freedom and provide a new venue where they can’t get expelled for telling the truth. Read about how your gift of any size can make an impact and about our incentives for giving