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Meyer: For the Scientific God Hypothesis, Next Year Will Be Pivotal

Photo credit: delfi de la Rua on Unsplash.

The past year has been an unprecedently rough time, and not least for faith and its institutions. I have seen this myself in my own community, and honestly, I am worried. Conceding that churches and synagogues aren’t “essential businesses” was a devastating admission for many professional religious leaders to make. In a heartbreaking op-ed, Matthew Hennessey at the Wall Street Journal observes the startling new absence of children in his church in the Bronx:

America’s religious leaders should hear alarm bells. In our aggressively secular world, it doesn’t take much to break the habit of regular worship. Communities of faith can’t survive without children.

What happens in 2021, for good or ill, will be determined by what you and I do right now. As Center for Science & Culture director Stephen Meyer observes in a new video that I ask you to watch, the coming year will also be a signal one for the CSC. First, it will be the 25th anniversary of the Center’s founding by Stephen Meyer and John West! More important, the year will see the release of Dr. Meyer’s new book, Return of the God Hypothesis: Three Scientific Discoveries That Reveal the Mind Behind the Universe.

The book gathers the fruit of more than 25 years of research and discovery, and drives that into a spectacular and creative new frontier. As Steve Meyer says, “It’s a culmination of a great deal of my work over the years as well as a book that synthesizes and advances the work that many of our other scientists and scholars have done into a coherent intellectual case for the reality of God, based on science.”

The Language of Nature

The reality of God: He can reveal himself to us in many ways, perhaps a different way for every person. No doubt, though, the language of nature, of science, is the most universally accessible and objective of them all. Many would say it’s the most compelling. Return of the God Hypothesis appears at a providential moment — that is if, like me, you are open to seeing things that way. Of course, though, its impact on our culture will be a direct function of the push we at the Center can give it.

We have the needed tools to bring the book to the public, as Steve Meyer describes here — if only we can put them to their greatest use. In 2021, we will also be firing on all our other cylinders — with Evolution News, the ID the Future podcast, a new season of Science Uprising, more Long Story Short videos, the Summer Seminars, Phase 2 of ID 3.0 with its cutting-edge international scientific research projects, and more. The objective is always to seek the truth and serve the culture in the best way possible. But this is all costly, and the increasingly censorious media are set against our hopeful message.

There’s No Alternative

For us to use all these tools to the maximum, to uplift and heal, you must give us your assistance. There is simply no alternative to our humbling ourselves and appealing to your generosity

Here is an additional incentive: If you will agree to help, you will receive a digital monograph, Darwin’s Three Big Ideas that Impacted Humanity. Look here for more information, and find out what you’ll get if you donate $300 or more. We need your support now — before the end of the calendar year. Please consider joining with Stephen Meyer and the CSC today!