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Preview: James Tour Asks Brian Miller About Ice, Entropy, and the Origin of Life

Photo credit: Jan Antonin Kolar via Unsplash.

We’re looking forward to an online dialogue TODAY between Rice University chemist James Tour and Discovery Institute physicist Brian Miller. Times and a link are below. In a preview, they discuss ice, entropy, and the origin of life. Professor Tour asks:

But systems do move from high to low entropy states, for example ice. Can you explain to the average listener the difference between what happens with ice and the requirement for life and how all that relates to pre-biology, life’s building blocks, and the requirement for life in the first place where abiogenesis is before biology takes over. This is the origin of life. How did that first living system form?

A peek at Dr. Miller’s answer is here:

Watch the online conversation right here today — 5 pm Pacific time/8 pm Eastern. Of course, it’s free:

Thanks to Professor Tour’s Science & Faith podcast for sponsoring the discussion on “Thermodynamics & the Origin of Life.”