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Dallas Conference on Science & Faith: In Person or Livestream


Despite the unique challenges brought on by COVID-19, we believe it is as important as ever to explore today’s most pressing questions relating to science and faith. For this reason, we are excited to announce the 3rd annual Dallas Conference on Science & Faith, and invite you to join us either in person or online via livestream.

Those who choose to join in person will find that we are taking every reasonable precaution to protect our attendees, volunteers, and staff by following the current policies outlined by our hosts at Denton Bible Church, by the Texas Department of State Health Services, and by the CDC. More information is available on the registration page

Check Out This Year’s Exciting Lineup

  • Melissa Cain Travis on “Science and the Mind of the Maker”
  • Stephen Meyer on “One God or Many Universes?”
  • Marcos Eberlin on “Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose”
  • William Dembski on “Gauging the Success of Intelligent Design”
  • A special guest speaker (to be announced) on “The Unique Origins of Humanity in the Fossil Record”
  • And, the premiere of an all-new episode of “Science Uprising“​​​​​​

Affordable ticket pricing is available for both in-person and online registration, and further discounts are available for households of 4+ and groups of 8+. Register here today, and invite your friends to join us for this exciting event!