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If Alfred Russel Wallace Were Alive Today

Alfred Russel Wallace
Image: Alfred Russel Wallace, plaster relief by A. Bruce-Joy, via Wikimedia Commons.

Historian of science Michael Flannery talked with host Umar Nasser for Rational Religion. Watch it below. Their subject: the fascinating question, among others, of what Darwin’s colleague Alfred Russel Wallace would say today about the theory of intelligent design as a competitor to Darwinian evolution. Says our colleague Professor Flannery, “I have little doubt that if Wallace were alive today he would be an ID theorist of the first order.”

Do you doubt that? I don’t. Wallace’s birthday is this coming Friday, January 8. We’ll be celebrating with a special Zoom discussion between Flannery and Discovery Institute Vice President John West, from 6 to 7 pm Pacific time. Find more information and a link to register by going here. Flannery’s latest book is Intelligent Evolution: How Alfred Russel Wallace’s World of Life Challenged Darwinism (2020).