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Revealed: The Mystery Scientist Who Will Speak at Our Dallas Conference, February 20

Photo: Casey Luskin, by Brian Gage.

I alluded earlier to a mystery scientist who will be speaking at the February 20 Dallas Conference on Science and Faith. Yeah, I don’t care to have to wait for information like that, either. If you’re like me, you’re not good with patience — so I can finally deliver some relief. The mystery speaker will be our own Casey Luskin, newly minted PhD geologist, discussing “The Unique Origins of Humanity in the Fossil Record.”

The Dallas Conference will be both in person and online. So now you have a couple of new reasons to go or to participate: first, to hear Dr. Luskin on a fascinating and important subject, and second to congratulate him on his recently obtained doctorate. The Darwinists couldn’t stop him, much as they would have wished if they knew that was what he was doing the past five years! Casey’s books include Science and Human Origins and the curriculum Discovering Intelligent Design. He is Associate Director of the Center for Science & Culture.

The themes of the event include:

Does our universe point to God? Do molecules show evidence of foresight? Were humans produced through an unguided evolutionary process or by intelligent design?

Other terrific speakers include Melissa Cain Travis on “Science and the Mind of the Maker,” Stephen Meyer on “One God or Many Universes?,” Marcos Eberlin on “Foresight: How the Chemistry of Life Reveals Planning and Purpose,” and William Dembski on “Gauging the Success of Intelligent Design.”

These are all stars in the world of intelligent design, but there’s a special pleasure in welcoming Casey back to Discovery Institute. Find more information here, and go here to register.