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The Return of Casey Luskin

John G. West
Photo: Casey Luskin.

As I began writing this, I read one of the comments recently posted on our main YouTube channel: “I love Discovery Institute. You guys are changing the world!” The comment caused me to reflect on how we got here.

Twenty-five years ago in August, Steve Meyer and I co-founded the Center for Science & Culture at Discovery Institute. We were determined to push back against those who were hijacking science to promote a materialist worldview. We wanted to empower a new generation of scientists to research the evidence of intelligent design in nature, and we wanted to disseminate their research to young people and the general public, not just scholars.

Around the Globe

Thanks to help from our supporters, we’ve been able to make an impact. During the last year alone, millions of people around the globe viewed our materials on YouTube and social media. More people are hearing about the evidence for intelligent design than ever before.

I know this is a difficult and anxious season for many of us right now. But during dark times it’s especially important for people to know they are valuable because they were designed for a purpose. As we move into 2021, Steve Meyer and I are committed to expanding our impact even further. As part of our plans, we are making an exciting addition to our leadership team this month. Steve Meyer is remaining the Director of the Center for Science & Culture. But I am moving from my job as Associate Director into the new position of Managing Director, and we are bringing on board a new Associate Director.

As noted here yesterday, his name is Casey Luskin.

A Young Dynamo

You may remember that Casey was a young dynamo on our staff for many years. He first joined Discovery in 2005, at that time an attorney with a science background — master’s and bachelor’s degrees in earth sciences. He helped craft our ID 3.0 research initiative. He winsomely debated the most hard-nosed Darwinists. He defended the academic freedom of many scientists. Then at the end of 2015 he left us to pursue a PhD in Geology. Now with his PhD in hand, he has decided to rejoin our team.

I hope you are as excited as we are by the return of Casey. If you are, would you also consider making a special donation to help us as we bring Casey back on board?

Together we can make a difference in the lives of people around the world.