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Episode 1 of Chemist James Tour on Abiogenesis: Watch Now

origin of life
Photo: James Tour in a scene from Science Uprising, via Discovery Institute.

Fiery chemist James Tour of Rice University has launched his new series of lectures on abiogenesis — the mystery of how life came from non-life. Watch Episode 1 below. From the course description:

In this introductory episode, Dr. James Tour builds the foundation for this series, defining abiogenesis and describing the characteristics for life, including a discussion on early Earth’s conditions and challenges for prebiotic chemistry. After reviewing the four classes of molecules needed for life, Dr. Tour elaborates on the synthesis problems currently facing today’s origin of life researchers.

Want more Tour? Download two free chapters from the recent Discovery Institute Press book The Mystery of Life’s Origin: The Continuing Controversy (2020). Find that here.