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Summer Seminars on ID Get a Makeover — More Accessible Now Than Ever Before

The Summer Seminars on Intelligent Design this year will undergo a makeover that will dramatically expand their accessibility. Is this unrelated to Covid? Of course not. Little these days is unrelated to Covid, but the pandemic has had some unexpected silver linings, and this is one of them.

Until this past summer, the two tracks of our Seminars (one focused on the natural sciences, the other on the humanities) were held in Seattle. We are now adopting a hybrid model: an online curriculum, live Zoom discussions and lectures, followed by a capstone in-person weekend in Dallas (for U.S. residents). The online application will be available on February 15. More information is here on:

As before, our instructors are the leading scientists and scholars in the international intelligent design movement. There is no fee to apply or participate, and the Center for Science & Culture is pleased to be able to offer need-based scholarships for travel and accommodations for the Dallas event. (Thank you to our generous supporters for making this possible.) We invite U.S. and international students to apply, with a focus on undergraduate and graduate students (though we reserve space for a small number of professionals, including professors, as well).

The aim as always is to provide graduates of the Seminars a major boost and ongoing mentorship aimed at launching their own careers in science and scholarship. Our grads from previous years are already advancing in academia, forming the nucleus of the movement that will lead the next generation of ID thinkers. Look back here at Evolution News on February 15 for a link to the application.